Timothy J. Horton


In July 2005 the layout room was renovated with new paint, baseboards and crown moulding in preparation for installation of the layout. A portion of the walls will remain visible above the layout.

A Sky Blue colour from Benjamin Moore was selected for the walls which would complement the colour of the backdrop. The same colour was used to paint the underside of the benchwork.

During this process, time was taken to locate the studs within the walls so that the uprights for the benchwork support system can be fixed directly to them. The steel studs are on 24 inch centres.

In the photos at left, we are looking along the north wall of the room which will accommodate the East Pine River section on the lower level and the Tremblay section on the upper level. These sections will adjoin the helix which will be situated in the corner. The benchwork was designed to be supported using the Rubbermaid Twin Track system, which is available from Home Depot stores here in British Columbia. The system offers brackets 11.5" and 18.5" in length, which are capable of supporting 12", 18" and 24" benchwork widths. The brackets and standards are finished in white enamel and are extremely sturdy.

My friend Anthony Craig helped with their installation. We used a laser level to position the shelving standards as the floor in the room was not level.

The photographs at left show the shelving standards and brackets in position on the south wall for Chetwynd and Dawson Creek, and on the north wall for the Pine River and Tremblay sections.