Timothy J. Horton



The layout was housed originally in an 11' x 13' apartment bedroom on the 12th floor. Construction of the first benchwork sections began in December 2005, and the last sections were installed in November 2010. The LED lighting installation was completed at the same time.

Tracklaying began in the helix during February 2008, and the helix with track was installed in August 2008. After a few years spent experimenting with handlaid Code 40 track, tracklaying continued with Atlas Code 55 at Septimus in April 2016. Work on the mainline for the Dawson Creek Subdivision began in May and was completed in June 2016.

Work on the control and wiring began in November 2010 with installation of the DCC system, circuit breakers, Ramp Meter, and initial track bus wiring. The feeder to bus wiring for the Pine River sections was installed in August 2012, and the wiring under Septimus was installed in April 2016. Work on the wiring underneath Sundance and Tremblay was completed in July 2016. Installation of control panels and servo controls for main line turnouts was completed in November 2016.

During the first half of 2017 I focused on tracklaying and wiring at Dawson Creek. Tracklaying was completed in March 2017, followed by the bus wiring in May. Installation of servos and control panels for turnout control was completed in July 2017.

The final phase of tracklaying began at Chetwynd in October 2017 and reached completion at the end of December. I focused on the bus wiring and turnout control for Chetwynd Yard during the first half of 2018 and this reached completion in July 2018. Regular operating sessions commenced in the same month.

In July 2021 I moved to another apartment in an adjacent building, and the layout was dismantled and moved to the new location. Preparation of the new room was completed in November and work is presently underway to prepare the various layout sections for re-installation. A new page dedicated to the layout move and re-installation will appear soon.

Please visit the pages listed at left for more information and photographs describing and illustrating my progress.