Timothy J. Horton

"Bringing The Peace To You"



Welcome to my new website which is intended to illustrate the British Columbia Railway's Dawson Creek Subdivision as it appeared in the late 1970s, and my efforts to model and operate it prototypically in N Scale.

Whether your interest in railways includes the British Columbia Railway, railway prototype modelling, N Scale railroading, or layout design, I hope that you will find something here which interests or even inspires you.

The Layout

I invite you to visit the Prototype Page to learn about the South Peace region I am modelling, and the Layout Design Page to see my design for a double deck layout in an 11' x 13' apartment bedroom.

The Construction Page chronicles my efforts and experiences with benchwork, the helix, tracklaying and wiring to date. The Operation Page describes how the layout will be operated upon completion.

The Trains

I invite you to visit the Motive Power and Rolling Stock Pages for information on the locomotives, freight cars and work equipment I have chosen to model. They are representative of what would have been seen on the north end of the British Columbia Railway in 1977.

I have attempted to provide information as to how the models were built to serve as a reference for other modellers. You are welcome to contact me for additional information.

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