“Allowing your faith to touch every aspect of your life”. Campus Ministry exists to evangelize students at STA, and to help students evangelize others. Campus Ministry seeks to teach the human person how to stand before God and His Church, and how to stand before each other; to expand the living of the Catholic faith beyond the scope of the traditional classroom.

Saint Pope John Paul II once said, “We are not the sum of our weaknesses and failures. We are the sum of the Father’s Love for us and our real capacity to become Images of His Son.” The goal of Campus Ministry is to allow students to experience that and to enable them to spread that truth to others.”

Campus Ministry is what is unique about a Catholic school. In keeping with the Catholic view of education, Campus Ministry collaborates with and supports the school by animating and enlivening the spiritual lives of both students and staff in a spirit of love and communion.

Campus Ministry seeks to teach the whole human person, in his or her intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual capacities, how to stand before God and His Church, and before each other. This is all aimed to take place within the context of a student’s education. Campus Ministry includes:

  • Daily morning prayer
  • Weekly chapel Masses
  • Monthly school-wide Masses
  • School-wide Advent and Lenten Reconciliation services
  • Grade level retreats
  • Wednesday lunch prayer group
  • Regular school visits from priests (school chaplain and the archbishop’s representative)


Campus Ministry Coordinators: Mr. Keong, Ms. Hughes, Mr. Flores


Having a right relationship with God will allow students to take ownership of their faith and through it reach out to others. Various clubs, activities and programs give students these opportunities, and include:
Leadership Development: planning and implementing Gr. 8 retreats and the annual ThinkFast, and participating in Youth Leader
Service & Outreach: The Life & Justice Club, Good Shepherd Street Ministry and Candy Drive, and Door is Open meals help students learn about social justice issues and how they can help both locally and internationally

Connections to the Diocese: Students can come to a deeper appreciation of the greater Church by participating and volunteering in parish youth ministry programs, and by participating in and serving on Archdiocesan event teams such as Spirit Day, Freedom, Youth Day, and Searching in the Spirit


Retreats give us a chance to nourish and enrich our souls by sharing experiences, and reflecting on life through prayer, music and play. These retreats are part of what makes a Catholic education a memorable and powerful experience.

  • The Grade 8's have a 1-day retreat.
  • Gr. 9 has a 1-day retreat.
  • Gr. 10 has a 1-day retreat.
  • Gr. 11 and 12 have a 3-day retreat at Camp Stillwood
  • The school also sends a group of senior students to Youth Leader, a summer leadership camp which takes place at Summit Park, on the campus of Summit Pacific College in Abbotsford. 

Service and Outreach

See how STA students live out their Christian faith by getting involved in many social justice activities.

Agape Ministry

Candy Drive: Every Halloween STA students, in collaboration with the North Shore Catholic Elementary Schools, collect and bag over 10,000 pieces of candy for distribution through Agape Street Ministries.
Every Wednesday: STA students join the Agape Ministry to work and support women living in the Downtown Eastside.
Sandwich Making: STA students make sandwiches once a week and distribute them to the homeless in Downtown Eastside

New York Encounter

Students travelled during Spring Break to South Bronx to work among children in the poorest urban neighbourhood in the United States.

Door is Open

Every first Sunday of the month as well as Christmas and Easter,  STA students volunteer to prepare and serve meals for the homeless on the Downtown Eastside.

Prishan Foundation

STA's Grad Class of 2012 raised funds to build an orphanage in rural India.

An Orphange in India - Students Involved

Covenant House

STA's annual Christmas Charity supporting homeless youth. Our "Sleep Out" on November 24th, 2014 raised $4000. Students and staff braved the wet and cold night to sleep outside to raise awareness of youth homelessness. Our December Spirit Day, students are asked to donate a minimum of $5/- to help us raise another $4000.  Donations can also be given online at this link. Donations of $10/- and more will be issued with tax receipts.
Last year's Spirit Day collection for Covenant House amounted to $2350.