Timothy J. Horton


I wish to acknowledge the kind assistance I have received from many friends in the design and construction of my layout, without whom it would not have been possible:

Michael Batten - assistance with Atlas Code 55 turnout installations and repairs

Jeff Briggs - 3D rendering, painting and weathering of locomotives, rolling stock and vehicles

Roger Burrows - reference photographs for locomotives and rolling stock circa 1977

Gerry Clare - assistance with research at the South Peace Historical Society Archives

Anthony Craig - installation of support brackets, construction of first benchwork sections, panel mounts

Mark Dance - assistance with design and supply of helix occupancy detection system

Brian Elchlepp - assistance with research into Dawson Creek Subdivision, reference photographs

Andrew Grenier - computer artwork for track schematic panels and turnout control panels

Keith Hansen - reference photographs of Dawson Creek circa 1970s

Mark Hepher - supply and installation of LED layout lighting

Doug Hicks - assistance with various soldering and wiring projects

Greg Kennelly - assistance with planning, technical advice, custom decal artwork, and much more

Kevin Knox - laser cutting of helix sub-roadbed, 3D rendering and printing of bridges and structure parts

David Mackinnon - decoder and lighting installations for locomotives, lumber loads (Details N Scale)

Trevor Mills - assistance with research at the West Coast Railway Heritage Park

Ken Perry - reference photographs of Dawson Creek Subdivision circa 1977

John Walter - construction and installation of most benchwork sections

Philippe Whyte - custom decal artwork

Scott Wright - custom decal artwork and decal printing (Solidesign)