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Department Head Mr. Salituro
Grade 8 Ms. Hughes
Grade 9 Ms. Savino
Grade 10 Ms. Stevenson
Grade 11 Ms. Liang
Grade 12 Mr. Salituro

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Ministry of Education

Post Secondary Planning

Career Explorations


BC Excellence Scholarships

The BC Excellence Scholarship is a $5000 scholarship awarded to 55 students, recognizing well-rounded graduates demonstrating community service and leadership, both inside and outside of their schools, as well as commitment and aptitude for their chosen career paths.

For Scholarship Criteria and Information visit the Ministry of Education website click here.

BC Achievement Scholarships

The BC Achievement Scholarship is a $1250 scholarship that recognizes broad achievement in courses meeting the graduation program requirements. These scholarships are capped at 3000 awards for the 2018/2019 school year. The Ministry of Education will determine recipients based on students' achievement in Grades 10, 11 and 12 courses that satisfy the graduation program requirements (including elective courses). Graduation Transition will not be included.

For Scholarship Criteria and Information visit the Ministry of Education website click here.

The Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarships

The Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship (PTES) is a $5000 annual scholarship that recognizes exceptional Grade 12 students planning to enter the field of K-12 teaching. The PTES will be awarded to 20 graduating students intending to enter a BC faculty of education program.Scholarship winner will be awarded a voucher to redeem upon entrance to one of BC's faculty of education programs.

For Scholarship Criteria and Information visit the Ministry of Education website click here.

District Authority Scholarships

The District /Authority Scholarships reward graduating students for excellence in their chosen field of interest or strength. These scholarships are intended to assist with tuition for post-secondary education. The Ministry will allocate 5500 scholarships pro-rated to school districts and independent school authorities based on each district's Sept. 30th Grade 12 enrollment. The scholarship is a $1250 voucher that can be used toward post-secondary education tuition.

For Scholarship Criteria and Information visit the Ministry of Education website click here.

January 2020

Corpus Christi College - Circle of Fellows

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award

Schulich Leader Scholarship

DB Perks & Lifesaving Society Scholarship

Kin Canada Bursary

Optimist International Essay Contest

David Lam / BC TEAL English Language Learner Scholarship


Capilano University Entrance Awards

Cmolik Foundation Scholarships

RE/MAX Quest for Excellence Bursary

Rick Blight Leadership In Action Scholarship For Athletes

Stacey Levitt Memorial Award

Soroptimist Bonnie McLaren Award

Quinn Keast Foundation's Howe Sound Scholarship

MARCH 2020

City of North Vancouver Youth Centennial Scholarships

West Vancouver Community Foundation Scholarships

University of Victoria Entrance Awards & Scholarships

Catholic Health Association of British Columbia Bursary

Trevor Linden Community Spirit Scholarship

Retail Education Scholarship

BC Soccer Scholarship

North Vancouver FC Scholarship

APRIL 2020

RBC Royal Bank Scholarships

Charlene Reaveley Bursary Program

Gaspard "Keep Canada Green" Scholarship Contest

Knights of Columbus Scholarships

Law Society of British Columbia Essay Contest

United Croats of Canada Scholarship

BC Arts Council Scholarship

Scouts Canada Scholarship Program

Jack Davis Scholarship

Gloria Barron Scholarship

Dogwood District Authority Awards

John A. Macdonald Bursary

MAY 2020

BC School Sports Scholarships

Federation of Community Social Services of BC Youth Education Bursary

Vancouver Catholic School Teachers Association Scholarship

Jim MacCarthy Coho Society Scholarship

Lotus Light Charity Society Scholarship

North Shore Orthodontics Scholarship

Arctic Chiropractic Got A Spine Scholarship

General Scholarship Information

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