2017-Bulletin cover-2.jpgAbout Us

St. Thomas Aquinas Regional High School is a Catholic, coeducational, independent school for
approximately 600 students in grades eight through twelve. STA, as it is commonly referred to, offers students an excellent education serving the North Shore community.

STA prides itself on offering an educational program based on creative, independent doing and thinking. Based on our school motto, “Dirige me in veritate tua”, or translated into English,
“Direct me in Your truth”, we at St. Thomas Aquinas focus on equipping our students with the
tools to lead productive moral lives.

To help our students and their families face the challenges our world gives us, STA purposely
focuses on educating the “whole person”; academically, spiritually, physically, emotionally and
socially.  Specifically, STA’s educational program follows the British Columbia prescribed
curricula and emphasizes the following fundamental academic disciplines: Christian Education,
English, Social Studies, Physical Education, Mathematics, Information Technology, Career
Education, Modern Languages, Science, and Performing and Visual Arts. Study in all disciplines
is required each year through grade 9. A decreasing number of requirements in the upper grades
allows for a wider choice of electives.

Students are organized by grade into four or five divisions. These groupings allow for close-knit,
and nurturing environments able to serve the needs and interests of all students. Each division
provides students with a comfortable, supportive atmosphere in which to learn and thrive.